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How to rent a room in Japan

Hello, I'm Amy, Japanese🇯🇵 love to travel✈️ :)

I lived in Australia  for a few years and backed to Japan on May 2019 and I started my new life in Tokyo, I also started to look for a house/room to rent for myself's so hard to rent a room in Japan compare with Australia!!!!!! why? because there are so many steps to rent and Japanese original systems :(

Therefor in this article especially I'd like to introduse Japanese original systems(this article) and different ways to find a rooms/houses to live in Japan( another article)

I hope it will help you (^^)

I lived in AU but my English is really basic.... just let you know...




1.Japanese Original System, called ”Syokihiyou"(初期費用)

You may go real estates to rent rooms/houses (actually only way to rent rooms/houses, if you wanna rent the rooms yourself... I will write later other ways to find places to live in ) for yourself and you find the room which you really like. The real estate staff will ask, "If you wanna take the room, you have to fill up the contract and pay Shokihiyou...OOOOOOOOJPY...."

What's Shokihiyou?? A kind of deposit?? 

→The answer is that Shokihihyou is a kind of deposit, I can say but it will not return to you.

"It won't return to me?? "

When I lived in Sydney, I rent a room from a real estate and I paid 2 weeks of advansed rent and 4 weeks deposit to the real estate company before moved in the room and when my contract finished, the staff checked the room, the room didn't have any damaged and I didn't have any problems with the real estate so they payed back to me 4 weeks bond. BUT Shokihiyou is different.


Deatils of Shokihiyou(初期費用)↓↓↓

I will talk about general things so depends on owners of buildings and real estate companies, it will be different... please check and ask your rela estate companies.

and I don't know how to translate each Japanese words to English so I created english words for you understand easily... 


●1 month of advanced rent

●Commision fee to a real state sgent (in general 1 month rent+tax)

Sikikin(敷金)(normally 1〜2 month rent)…This is security deposit! After you moved out, a landload  will check about damaged of the room and then they will use this for cleaning/fixing the room. If the room's condition is as same as when you rent, you may be able to get back.

Reikin(礼金)(normallynormally 1〜2 month rent)… I have never heard this system from other countries... This is like "Thank you for renting me this room" fee for landloads.

●Changing entrance door key fee(鍵交換代)(normallynormally 0.5month rent)

●Cleaning room fee (normallynormally 0.5〜1month rent)

●Fire insurance for the room (火災保険)

●A fire extinguisher fee(消火器🧯)

●7/24 Support fee… it's some trubble you got by accient such as water leaking all day and so on, you call make calling this support company and they will fix these problems. 



So I guess that it generally costs Shokihiyou, one monthe rent by 5.

For exaple, the room rent is 65000JPY per month, you have to pay 65000×5=325000JPY as Shokihiyou. Again, high %, money you paid won't back to you OMG!!!

However, some of above things, you can nagosiate to real estate agency to remove.


★Shikikin and Reikin, some of rooms don't have these because the agency wanna rent to someone quickly and so on... So you really don't wanna pay these, you can ask to the staff "without Shikikin and Reikin or one of both"


・7/24 Support fee, after the staff explained about details of this, if you think, you don't need, you can ask to the staff if you can remove from Shokihiyou. if the staff say Yes, less Shokihiyou cost!!!!


2. Real estate Agents

There are so many real estate agents, I'd like to write focusing on the agents which handle fully furnished rooms, usuful app or English website as below,


・Tokyo is English

・レオパレス21(Leopalace21)...I don't reccomend a lot but this agency deal in fully furnished rooms.

・OYO life...I think they handle rooms just in Tokyo. This company is new in Japan, they deal in fully furnished rooms.

・賃貸物件検索 (Tintaibukkenkensaku)... This is app to look up rooms but only Jpanese... if you have confident Japanese, you can try it.


Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions, leave comments:)